Mrs Hudson

There is very little mention of Mrs. Hudson's background or even her physical appearance in the original stories written by Conan Doyle. She is Holmes’ and Watson's landlady at 221 B Baker Street. Although she protests that she is not their housekeeper, she regularly feeds and cleans up after them, and puts up with their outrageous behaviour.

Hudson Facts


The number of women who have already played Mrs Hudson.


For a man who distrusts women, there are many women in Sherlock Holmes’s life - yet only one woman is there at the beginning and end: the indefatigable Mrs Hudson.


Mrs Hudson lives at 221C Baker Street and rents 221B to Holmes & Watson.

Portrayed by

To date, Arthur Conan Doyle's characters have been translated onto the page, into products and onto the screen by Hollywood and beyond. Here are just a few of the interpretations of this original Arthur Conan Doyle character over the years. Work with us to create the next version of this fascinating character.

Una Stubbs

Sherlock, BBC (2010)

Sarah Crowden

Mr Holmes, Miramax (2015)

Irene Handl

The Private Life of Sherlock Holmes (1970)

Geraldine James

Sherlock Holmes: A Game of Shadows, Warner Bros (2011)

Gisela Hoeter

Le Signe Des Quatre (1974)

Rosalie Williams

Sherlock Holmes Series, Granada (1984)

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