Licensed Products

Products that have been licensed by the estate

We have licensed many products relating to Arthur Conan Doyle and his characters over the years. Below you'll find a selection of some of our most recent licensed products that are in the public domain. We are currently working with high profile global and household names to develop and release new licensed products so be sure to check back for the latest news!

Latest Products

Limited Edition Pens


The Writers Edition collection

The Conan Doyle Estate and the team at Montblanc worked collaboratively to create this incredible Montblanc Writers Edition collection paying tribute to the life and times of the legendary Sir Arthur Conan Doyle. Read more.

Advertising Campaign

Fiat Italia

A new re-imagining
from Fiat Italy

The Conan Doyle Estate supported Fiat Italia in a regional advertising campaign - incorporating a classic line from the original Sherlock Holmes stories. While the stories and characters are over 100 years old - they still have absolute relevance today - Sir Arthur's writing has a timeless worldwide appeal.

Immersive Experiences

Universal Studios Japan

The Curse of the Rose Sword

The Conan Doyle Estate is delighted to be collaborating with Universal Studios Japan for the second year running. Sherlock Holmes: The Curse of the Rose Sword will return - after its success in 2021 - as part of Universal Studios Japan "No Limit!" Halloween event which runs from September - November 2022. Read more.

Poster & Print

Vice Press

The Lost World
& Professor Challenger

We worked with Vice Press and artist Matt Ferguson to release a limited edition screen print for Sir Arthur Conan Doyle's classic novel The Lost World. Read more.

Limited Edition Stamp

Royal Mail

10 Special Stamps

A celebration of Sir Arthur Conan Doyle's Sherlock Holmes. Six stamps depict characters from the BAFTA and Emmy award winning BBC series, Sherlock, including: Sherlock Holmes; Doctor John Watson; Jim Moriarty; Irene Adler; Mary Morstan; and Mycroft Holmes. Mrs Hudson and Eurus Holmes are also featured. Read more.

Clothing & Apparel

Sherlock Holmes Tartan

Caps, Capes & Kilts

Working with fashion designer Tania Henzell we have licensed Sherlock Holmes Tartan. Rather than being a study in scarlet, the Sherlock Holmes tartan is predominately green and blue - reflecting Conan Doyle's Irish and Scottish heritage - highlighted by a lighter blue line to represent the Reichenbach Falls and a yellow line to represent the deductive clarity of Sherlock. Read more.

Books, Posters & Prints

The Art of Sherlock

From the page
to the gallery

Holmes short stories interpreted by some of the most accomplished artists in the world with work in the Smithsonian, The Metropolitan Museum of Art, The Whitney, The Guggenheim and many more. Read more.

Adventure & Theme Parks

Knockhatch Adventure Park

The Sherlock Holmes

An interactive and visually astonishing live walk through adventure. The Sherlock Holmes Experience has special effects, motion triggered events and a cast of characters from the world of Arthur Conan Doyle to help you solve the case. Read more.

Puzzles & Games

Baskerville Productions

Solve the mystery!

We worked with Baskerville Productions who have produced a fantastic 1000 piece puzzle and fascinating tabletop game. Both games are great fun and are sure to challenge you! Read more.

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