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14 February, 2023

Cover Reveal! The Improbable Tales of Baskerville Hall

The Conan Doyle Estate are excited and proud to share this amazing book cover for The Improbable Tales of Baskerville Hall, Book One - released on the 12th of September 2023. Currently in development for TV with Imagine Entertainment.

6 October, 2022

Arthur Conan Doyle Universe TV Series In Works At Imagine Kids + Family Based On The Improbable Tales Of Baskerville Hall

In a highly competitive situation, Imagine Kids+Family has landed the filmed content rights to Ali Standish's upcoming multi-book series The Improbable Tales of Baskerville Hall, which tracks the imagined origins story of Sir Arthur Conan Doyle's fictional characters, for development as a TV series that builds an integrated Arthur Conan Doyle universe spanning all his works.

26 July, 2022

Universal Studios Japan X The Conan Doyle Estate

The Conan Doyle Estate is delighted to be collaborating with Universal Studios Japan for the second year running.

22 June, 2022

Baskerville Productions

One of our latest licences is with Baskerville Productions for a fantastic 1000 piece puzzle and fascinating tabletop game. Both games are great fun and are sure to challenge you! The games carry the marque of The Conan Doyle Estate to authenticate both products.

14 June, 2022

The Sherlock Holmes Experience at Knockhatch Adventure Park

One of our latest licenses is with the wonderful Knockhatch Adventure Park in East Sussex - who have launched an immersive Sherlock Holmes experience.

20 December, 2021

Sir Arthur's 1921 Christmas & New Year Card

We are absolutely delighted to share with you a wonderful Christmas and New Year card from the Conan Doyle Estate's archive.

19 December, 2021

The Edinburgh Edition of the Works of Arthur Conan Doyle

The Conan Doyle Estate is helping to sponsor a scholarly edition of Conan Doyle's writing produced by Edinburgh University Press. The first of many books has now rolled off the presses Sir Arthur's autobiography Memories and Adventures.

7 July, 2021

Storytel and The Conan Doyle Estate

Storytel and The Conan Doyle Estate in exclusive agreement - bestselling author Anthony Horowitz creates new adventures with Sherlock Holmes for Storytel Original

25 May, 2021

Remembering Jon Lellenberg

The worlds of Sherlock Holmes and Arthur Conan Doyle enthusiasts have lost a giant. Jon Lellenberg, invested in the Baker Street Irregulars as "Rodger Prescott of Evil Memory" in 1974, passed away on April 24, 2021 after a short illness. In memory of Jon - the Baker Street Irregulars have produced an hour long podcast.

28 April, 2021

With Heavy Heart

Conan Doyle Estate Ltd and the family of Sir Arthur Conan Doyle announce the death of our dear friend and invaluable colleague Jon Lellenberg

26 April, 2021

Did Sherlock Holmes really exist?

The question posed in the title of this article may strike you as absurd. No, I hope you will answer: Sherlock Holmes was the fictional creation of Sir Arthur Conan Doyle. If you do say this, I can tell you on good authority that you are right...

14 April, 2021

Dame Jean Conan Doyle

Alexis Barquin, creator of the Arthur Conan Doyle Encyclopaedia has published a biography on Jean Conan Doyle written by Jon Lellenberg and Richard Pooley of The Conan Doyle Estate.

10 December, 2020

The Houses of Sherlock Holmes - Country Life Magazine

A fantastic article by Jeremy Musson for Country Life Magazine caught our eye... One of the Estate's experts - Jon Lellenberg is credited in the acknowledgments and we consumed the article with relish!

1 December, 2020

The Conan Doyle Estate x SP Books

One of the latest collaborations from The Conan Doyle Estate is with the fantastic SP Books - Publisher of Manuscripts. It has been a real privilege to work with SP Books on The Lost World, Arthur Conan Doyle's manuscript - and we are so proud of this magnificent book that is a must for any Conan Doyle fan.

20 November, 2020

Best Books on Sherlock Holmes

We're delighted to see that Michael Dirda - Pulitzer Prize-winning critic, writer and lifelong Sherlockian - has shared his top five best books on Sherlock Holmes books on

11 September, 2020

The Trial of Oscar Slater

Arthur Conan Doyle was known to be a man on a mission, taking on miscarriages of justice, beginning with solicitor George Edalji's unjust conviction for horse and cattle-maiming. He also took on the case of Oscar Slater. In 1912 he released The Case of Oscar Slater, a passionate plea for a full pardon which resonated among Sherlockians, but failed to sway the authorities.

4 August, 2020

It's Elementary

We are so delighted to be a part of this incredibly special launch with Royal Mail. As you may know Arthur was a prolific writer of letters and we know he would give his tremendous approval of these beautiful stamps.

29 July, 2020

Moorland Matters

We enjoyed Mark Griffiths' Country Life article 'Unleashed, mad and dangerous' How Britain's wild, romantic moorland is our signature habitat, inspiring everything from Beowulf to The Hound of the Baskervilles.

17 July, 2020

Fantasy Dinner

We love this article from the FT's personal finance editor - Claer Barrett. It's her fantasy dinner with the chef, guests, dishes, drinks and location for her ultimate supper. We're delighted that our man Arthur Conan Doyle is pride of place at the table. Here's a look at why she chose Arthur.

3 July, 2020

The Real Sherlock - Amazon Audible

One of The Conan Doyle Estate's latest licences is with Amazon Audible. We assisted with content for this 6 episode series with expert knowledge thanks to Estate Family members and Estate expert Jon Lellenberg. We also gave access and insight into original material from the Family archive.

26 June, 2020

Enola Holmes

The Conan Doyle Estate recently filed a lawsuit to protect its copyrights from unauthorized use in the new movie Enola Holmes.

24 April, 2020

Insight and Information - Arthur Conan Doyle and The Whaling Ship Hope

We were contacted recently by a feature writer - Neil Drysdale of the Press and Journal, who was keen to write a piece about the 140th anniversary of the young Arthur Conan Doyle's journey on the whaling ship Hope...

31 March, 2020

A Duchess Of Cambridge - Approved Quarantine Reading List

Vogue has rounded up the British classics that have earned a place on the Duchess' reading list so we were even more delighted to see The Hound of the Baskervilles by Arthur Conan Doyle starring in that list!

27 March, 2020

For Comfort...Turn To Arthur Conan Doyle

It's heartwarming to find that Arthur Conan Doyle and Sherlock Holmes can give such comfort and escapism to so many at times like this.

26 March, 2020

Recommended Reads #2

Read our next installment of The Conan Doyle Estate's Recommended Reads! Next up Something of Themselves by Sarah LeFanu.

19 March, 2020

Recommended Reads #1

In any uncertain times - one thing we've always found a comfort is to reach for a good book! This is absolutely one of these times...

18 March, 2020

The Game's Afoot with The International Exhibition of Sherlock Holmes

The Post & Courier have published a review of The International Exhibition of Sherlock Holmes - which opened in Columbia at South Carolina's History Museum.

28 February, 2020

An Ideal English Gentleman

'It requires no great leap of deductive skill to say that Conan Doyle's esteem for the virtuous and upstanding Colonel Newcome found expression in his own life, striving to conduct himself as an ideal English gentleman' - Daniel Stashower

21 February, 2020

Let's Go Adventuring!

Take a trip around the world with Conan Doyle's Wide World by Andrew Lycett - we'll even give you a map to follow!

13 February, 2020

Collection Complete

This has been a special project which has spanned the last 12 months - focusing on original and official characters conceived, developed and written by Arthur Conan Doyle represented by The Conan Doyle Estate.

11 February, 2020

The Thrilling Real-Life Adventures of Sir Arthur Conan Doyle

One of The Conan Doyle Estate's latest licences is with Bloomsbury Publishing. The new book sports the Conan Doyle Estate trademark and brand as a mark of authenticity.

30 January, 2020

New York Fashion Pages 'Women's Wear Daily' Covers Sherlock Holmes Tartan

Sherlock Holmes Tartan, under the licence of the Conan Doyle Estate arrived in New York City last month - here's what happened when Tartan creator Tania Henzell met with Jean E Palmieri from Women's Wear Daily...

27 January, 2020

The International Exhibition of Sherlock Holmes arrives in Columbia

The Post & Courier have published a great article announcing the next stop for The International Exhibition of Sherlock Holmes. It has just opened in Columbia at South Carolina's History Museum and will be there for the next three months

24 January, 2020

Competition Time with The Art of Sherlock Holmes!

The Art of Sherlock Holmes goes global! It's decision time!

23 December, 2019

Merry Christmas from The Conan Doyle Estate

It's been quite the year and the family would like to extend our sincere thanks to everyone who has been in touch, submitted stories, hatched plans with us, enquired about working with us, had inspirational conversations and jumped on board with the Estate in 2019.

1 December, 2019

On This Day In History....

On the first of December 1887 something rather special happened...

27 November, 2019

Inspiring Arthur Conan Doyle

It's great to see Sir Arthur Conan Doyle referenced as inspiration for the new Daniel Craig film - 'Knives Out.'

13 November, 2019

The Adventure Cyclist

Arthur Conan Doyle was a legendary adventurer and a man who embraced sports with extraordinary levels of vim and vigour. He was described by P.G Wodehouse in 1903 as being 'immensely powerful in build and the keenest of sportsmen'.

13 November, 2019

Design Matters

In our joint pursuit of authenticity, quality and proven provenance - we granted Guomai access to manuscripts and letters from the archive of The Conan Doyle Estate to use within The Complete Works - to add prestige, historical relevance and a fascinating kudos. Following the launch of The Complete Sherlock Holmes in Shanghai - we asked the design team at Guomai who are also based in Shanghai for some design notes for the new Casebook.

7 November, 2019

The Shanghai Launch Event For The Complete Sherlock Holmes

The Chinese launch event was hosted by Guomai at the end of October at Shanghai Culture Square. This prestigious event welcomed Dr. Yalin Zhang and Professor Tang Weijie as special guests.

7 November, 2019

Arthur Conan Doyle's The Hound of the Baskervilles

It's great to see Arthur Conan Doyle's The Hound of the Baskervilles included in a list of '100 Novels That Shaped Our World' published by the BBC.

1 November, 2019

The Conan Doyle Estate x Guomai Culture Media Co Ltd

The latest license from The Conan Doyle Estate is with Guomai Culture & Media Co Ltd - a pioneering Chinese publisher in classical and contemporary literature. They have just released an impeccably translated version of The Complete Sherlock Holmes - authenticated by The Conan Doyle Estate.

30 October, 2019

Win With The Art of Sherlock Holmes USA

To celebrate the launch of The Art of Sherlock Holmes USA Edition, MX Publishing are running a competition to win a personalised copy of the book worth $74.95

28 October, 2019

Richard Doyle Moves Back Home..

As part of The Conan Doyle Estate's launch collateral for Guomai Culture & Media Co's - The Complete Sherlock Holmes - Richard Doyle, Arthur Conan Doyle's Great Nephew filmed a short media clip to grant and authenticate the family Estate's approval and to voice admiration for the attention to detail on the translation.

17 October, 2019

Time for a Tartan Update

It's a busy time for Sherlock Holmes Tartan. We caught up with Tania Henzell to see just how fast that tartan is flying off the shelves under the licence of the Conan Doyle Estate.

7 October, 2019

Event :: Sherlock Holmes Meets Shakespeare

Don't miss this great chance to join Arthur Conan Doyle fans from all over the world!

9 September, 2019

Event :: Conan Doyle and London

We're really looking forward to attending this important symposium at Senate House, London in November - hosted by the Institute of English Studies, University of London.

12 August, 2019

The Wall Street Journal. Five Best Artic Adventures

The Wall Street Journal contacted us to provide photography and detailing to appear in their weekly Five Best column.

3 July, 2019

Faeries and Fantasy

The San Marino Tribune reports that The Huntington features "the forgotten father" of Sir Arthur Conan Doyle. The Huntington Library is one of America's leading independent humanities research libraries, located in the San Marino suburb of Los Angeles, and also has one of the existing Sherlock Holmes story manuscripts, of "The Adventure of the Six Napoleons."

5 June, 2019

The New Casebook Has Arrived!

It's arrived! We've been anticipating the arrival of the lovely new Penguin Essentials edition of The Casebook of Sherlock Holmes by Arthur Conan Doyle - and we're sure that Arthur would approve! The new design also sports the Conan Doyle Estate trademark and brand as a mark of authenticity.

24 May, 2019

The fascinating letter by Sherlock author Sir Arthur Conan Doyle which remains in Edinburgh to this day

The National Library of Scotland still holds a note which was sent by the famous writer to a well-known publication

23 May, 2019

Art of Sherlock - USA Edition - Revealed!

Following on from our work with 'The Art of Sherlock Holmes' we're privileged to reveal the first three pieces of art used to preview the all new USA Edition book which comes out in September featuring thirteen USA artists.

22 May, 2019

Celebrating 160 years of Sir Arthur Conan Doyle

We're marking this grand anniversary in a couple of ways this year. One is by focusing on the topic of respect, the other is by celebrating the characters of Arthur Conan Doyle and we've also pulled together some of our favourite portraits of the great man...

10 May, 2019

The First 15 in The Art of Sherlock Holmes Collection Revealed!

We're pleased to reveal the first 15 pieces of art in The Art of Sherlock Holmes Collection. The Conan Doyle Estate is proud to support such a fantastic project which in turn helps such great causes. We are passionate about furthering the works of Arthur Conan Doyle and this marvellous creative project contemporising Sherlock Holmes, Arthur Conan Doyle's most famous character is a testament to this endeavour.

29 April, 2019

Getting Into Character

What does a Naval Intelligence officer at the Pentagon, a Professor of Anthropology, a retired English solicitor, a New York Times editor, a military historian and bestselling novelist have in common?

26 April, 2019

The Great Sherlock Holmes Debate 2019

We are delighted to be involved in this amazing event for many reasons - raising funds and awareness for great causes - including Stepping Stones School which is very close to our hearts. It champions and celebrates the arts and culture and importantly for the Estate it helps us to fulfil our mission to continue to broaden the appeal of Arthur Conan Doyle’s works to an increasing demographic and new audiences.

18 April, 2019

First Three From The Art Of Sherlock Holmes - Now on Sale!

The Art of Sherlock Holmes is truly unique. Holmes short stories interpreted by some of the most accomplished artists in the world. In the first edition alone, between them, the artists have art hanging in over 100 museums and galleries in the world including the Smithsonian, The Metropolitan Museum of Art, The Whitney, The Guggenheim and many more.

10 April, 2019

The Casebook of Sherlock Holmes

It's great to see the Conan Doyle Estate trademark and brand on the new Penguin Essentials edition of The Casebook of Sherlock Holmes by Arthur Conan Doyle.

29 March, 2019

Sherlock Creator Awoke Britain's Love of Skiing

It’s hard to imagine that just over a century ago skiing in the Alps was unheard of – and might never have caught on without the determined efforts of the intrepid Sir Arthur Conan Doyle. This is a great article published on 'Scottish Field' which captures Conan Doyle's love of adventure, sports and his unique way of telling a story...

13 March, 2019

Sherlock Holmes X The Violin

'Melancholy wailings', 'exasperating solos', but 'a remarkable gift for improvisation' – we love Maggie Williams's article via The Strad on our favourite fictional violinist.

12 March, 2019

Ski Season

Ski season is in full swing! We love this photo of Arthur... He looks every inch the debonair all adventure hero!

11 January, 2019

Not Just a Card

Say hello to the Estate's new cards! They are currently popping up all over the World on various global travels on official Conan Doyle business.

28 December, 2018

The Toronto Collection

We are pleased that Lisa Xing of CBC News has shone the spotlight on the Toronto Reference Library. It is a very important collection with tens of thousands of books and memorabilia available to the public. The collection is backed up by a busy ‘Friends of the Conan Doyle Collection’ organisation run by Clifford Goldfarb who also penned - The Great Shadow: Arthur Conan Doyle, Brigadier Gerard and Napoleon.

21 December, 2018

Listen Here! I Hear Of Sherlock Everywhere

We heartily recommend to set some time aside and enjoy a listen to Episode 158 on 'I Hear of Sherlock Everywhere' for a fascinating insight into the creation of The International Exhibition of Sherlock Holmes.

28 November, 2018

Original Character Material

The Conan Doyle Estate is made up of a global network of experts who provide specialist knowledge on Arthur Conan Doyle and his characters. Over the last several months we've been working closely with one of the Estate's leading experts - Jon Lellenberg, acclaimed Conan Doyle Specialist and Author on a specialist project about the original and official characters from the mind of Arthur Conan Doyle.

8 November, 2018

The Latest Stop For The International Exhibition of Sherlock Holmes

The International Exhibition of Sherlock Holmes has arrived in Jersey on the fourth floor of the Liberty Science Centre. The exhibition will run from November. 3, 2018 through May 27, 2019. The International Exhibition of Sherlock Holmes is just one example of the global reach and world class expertise that The Conan Doyle Estate can provide. Our international network of specialists have been closely involved in consultancy and detailing for the making of the exhibition and it was with pride that it was opened in 2013 at the Oregon Museum of Science & Industry by Richard Doyle, senior director of The Conan Doyle Estate and Sir Arthur’s grandnephew.

28 October, 2018

Arctic Tales

We've recently been contacted by Vladimir Melnik of Open Ocean: Arctic Archipelagos, Russia who has been involved in the exploration of the wreck of Leigh-Smith's ship the EIRA. Vladimir spends a lot of time working on wreck explorations and has told us Cape Neale in Franz Josef Land is one of his favourite locations.

11 October, 2018

The Casebooks of Sherlock Holmes The Pound Of The Baskervilles

"We are delighted to be partnering with Studio Press. The Casebooks of Sherlock Holmes combine a new and exciting reader experience with the world-renowned and iconic classicism of the Sherlock Holmes stories. The interactive element will bring a new wave of readers to Conan Doyle’s classic mysteries." Richard Pooley, Director of the Conan Doyle Estate

10 October, 2018

Jersey City Is The Next Stop For The International Exhibition of Sherlock Holmes

We were delighted to receive our invitation to the launch of The International Exhibition of Sherlock Holmes in Jersey City next month. We are proud to see yet another location getting ready to host this wonderful exhibition. Working with The Conan Doyle Estate, The International Exhibition of Sherlock Holmes has been able to bring Sherlock to life. With the help of our experts the exhibition allows the visitor to step into Conan Doyle’s Victorian London and work side-by-side with his legendary detective.

8 October, 2018

The Casebooks of Sherlock Holmes The Cherry In The Cake

We're really looking forward to the release of The Casebooks of Sherlock Holmes, our new licence with Studio Press. Working alongside the world’s greatest detective, keen investigators will be encouraged to review the evidence from Sherlock’s case notes, diary entries, photographs, maps, puzzles and more, to solve the mysteries. Written by Sally Morgan and illustrated by Federica Frenna, one mystery in each title has been inspired by an existing Sherlock Holmes story.

29 September, 2018

The Latest on The New Holmes and Watson Film

One of the Conan Doyle Estate’s latest licences is the new Holmes and Watson film starring Will Ferrell and John C. Reilly. We catch up with Screen Rant to get the latest word on the street and catch a glimpse of the new trailer!

17 September, 2018

Inspiration - The Original Supersleuth!

Inspiration everywhere! This is well worth a listen...

7 September, 2018

New Licence With Studio Press

One of the Conan Doyle Estate’s latest licences is with Studio Press. Publishing in November 2018, The Casebooks of Sherlock Holmes: The Pound of the Baskervilles and The Cherry in the Cake will feature four new mysteries for children of 8 and over to solve. Studio Press, an imprint of Kings Road Publishing, has acquired world rights directly from the Conan Doyle Estate to publish two children’s titles this autumn.

13 August, 2018

First Look at The New Holmes and Watson Film

A first look image showing Will Ferrell and John C. Reilly in Holmes and Watson has been released. While specific plot details have yet to be announced, Holmes and Watson will be a comedic take on Arthur Conan Doyle’s Sherlock Holmes stories. Screen Rant brings us up to speed on the Conan Doyle Estate's latest licence.

26 July, 2018

Conan Doyle Events at Edinburgh Fringe Festival

We’re really looking forward to a cracking line up of Conan Doyle related events at the mighty Edinburgh Fringe Festival this August! We hope you get to make at least one of these fine occasions dedicated to Conan Doyle or even Sherlock Holmes... "It is a peculiar irony that Sir Arthur Conan Doyle’s birthplace in Edinburgh’s Old Town, long since demolished is not today marked with a statue of the writer himself but by a statue of his most famous creation - Sherlock Holmes, the character Conan Doyle came to believe was largely responsible for destroying his reputation as a serious literary figure. Perhaps it is understandable; after all, Holmes is the most famous man who never lived.” Russell Miller, The Adventures of Arthur Conan Doyle

23 July, 2018

Baker Street Times

News from the North! We're pleased to publish an extract from July's Baker Street Times - which documents Cathy Beggs, one of the directors of the Conan Doyle Estate and the great niece of Sir Arthur Conan Doyle as she visited the Conan Doyle Centre in Edinburgh. Eleanor Docherty from the Centre gives us the low-down! Also - don't miss 3 great Conan Doyle and Sherlock events hosted as part of The Edinburgh Festival Fringe this August!

2 July, 2018

Conan Doyle for the Defence by Margalit Fox

We've been following the progress and the reviews of 'Conan Doyle for the Defence' by Margalit Fox – which involves a sensational murder, the quest for justice and the World's greatest Detective Writer - Sir Arthur Conan Doyle. Margalit Fox takes us step by step inside Conan Doyle’s investigative process and illuminates a murder mystery that is also a morality play for our time—a story of ethnic, religious, and anti-immigrant bias. This is a review from The Guardian.

13 June, 2018

10 Movies to Fill the ‘Jurassic’-Sized Hole in Your Heart

We were delighted when Sir Arthur's 'The Lost World' was listed first in The New York Times as being a 'must-watch' this Summer... The Lost World is listed amongst other cult classics such as 'King Kong', The Time Machine, Jaws, The Fly and The Most Dangerous Game.

10 June, 2018

Holmes Fest 2018 – The Return of Conan Doyle

Our mission is to raise the profile of Sir Arthur Conan Doyle - and it always is a great pleasure when we see others joining in to fly the flag for our favourite Man!

10 May, 2018

The International Exhibition of Sherlock Holmes Arrives in Houston

The International Exhibition of Sherlock Holmes is just one example of the global reach and world class expertise that The Conan Doyle Estate can provide. Our international network of specialists have been closely involved in consultancy and detailing for the making of the exhibition and it was with pride that it was opened in 2013 at the Oregon Museum of Science & Industry by Richard Doyle,senior director of The Conan Doyle Estate and Sir Arthur’s grandnephew.

8 May, 2018

The Disintegration Machine

The Conan Doyle Estate has had the pleasure of assisting Peter Davidson a Film and Media Arts Student from the University of Utah. This has been almost a two year conversation and we are delighted to have been able to help Peter realise his ambition.

7 May, 2018


One of the Conan Doyle Estate’s long term licences is with CBS and Elementary. This article by Noah Berlatsky explores why the ever popular TV show succeeds.

20 April, 2018

The Arthur Conan Doyle Room

We're always on the look out for excellent tip offs when it comes to intel on The Man... One of the foremost Sherlock Holmes collections is hidden away at a Toronto library and is a 'must visit' for all Conan Doyle fans.

23 March, 2018

The Tartan Toast

Members of The Conan Doyle Estate travelled to Edinburgh to toast the launch of the new Sherlock Holmes Tartan - the latest licence to be granted by The Conan Doyle Estate.

21 March, 2018

Weaving Family and Holmes Together

On the eve of the launch of Sherlock Holmes tartan, Richard Pooley, Director of The Conan Doyle Estate and Step Great Grandson of Arthur Conan Doyle shares his thoughts and family insights into this exciting new licence for the Estate.

21 February, 2018

Mystery Man

We've recently been contacted by Bill Becker from The American Museum of Photography who wanted to tap into The Conan Doyle Estate's network of experts. The reason? A mysterious photograph with a question mark above a certain man's identity.

15 February, 2018

Phase Two!

We're delighted to launch phase two of our new website! Have a look around! Where would we go first? Read more for our top recommendations!

5 January, 2018

Family Connections. A Letter & An Invite

We received a fascinating and most welcome correspondence from Bernard Hornung. "Willie Hornung married Constance Doyle, and became Sir Arthur Conan Doyle's brother in law. E W Hornung inverted the Sherlock Holmes plot and created Raffles and his sidekick Bunny Manders. Willie's elder brother Pitt Hornung, was a sugar magnate, and my great grandfather."

12 December, 2017

Sherlock Holmes Tartan

We are really excited about this! Fashion designer Tania Henzell has created a new tartan under the name 'Sherlock Holmes Tartan'. Tania is the step, great, great grand daughter of Sir Arthur Conan Doyle.

6 December, 2017

First Editions Re-Covered

We have recently been contacted by House of Illustration, a public gallery solely dedicated to illustration and graphic arts. Their news? The artist Christopher Brown has just created a one-off book jacket for The Sign of Four by Arthur Conan Doyle.

30 November, 2017

The Sherlock Holmes Collection of Daniel Posnansky

One of the most impressive private Conan Doyle/Sherlock Holmes collection since the late Fred Kittle donated his to Chicago's Newberry Library is to be auctioned on the 19th December 2017.

2 November, 2017

Family Perspective - The Big Question

How did Sherlock Holmes become the most famous literary detective in the world? It is a question the Conan Doyle Estate gets asked almost every week! We asked Estate director and Conan Doyle's Step Great Grandson Richard Pooley to give us his take on the burning question.

26 October, 2017

New Adventures

Our adventures with Arthur Conan Doyle take us all around the World and we recently found ourselves in Paris on a fine and sunny Autumnal day to scope out a new project.

18 October, 2017

An Interview With Michelle Birkby

The Conan Doyle Estate are proud to be working with talented creatives who craft a new legacy from Arthur Conan Doyle's works. Michelle Birkby is no exception, with her bestsellers The House at Baker Street and The Women of Baker Street.

8 October, 2017

Trendsetter & Influencer

Always great to see Arthur Conan Doyle in the news, this time as a trendsetter and influencer! We of course love the reference to The Hope, which was of course documented by Conan Doyle in his Hope Diaries.

28 September, 2017

National Poetry Day

It's #NationalPoetryDay ! The theme is Freedom. In the spirit of fun and the thrill of loosing yourself even if just for a second in the thrill of a moment, we've chosen an extract from Arthur Conan Doyle's 'The Farnshire Cup'. It's a rollicking good tale of galloping horses, gossip from the stands and all the excitement of race day!

27 September, 2017

WIN! Special Edition Lost World Art

We are delighted to give fans of Arthur Conan Doyle and The Conan Doyle Estate the chance to win one of two signed and numbered editions from a set of 100 screen prints. The Estate have worked with Vice Press and the incredible Matt Ferguson to release a very limited edition screen print for Sir Arthur Conan Doyle’s classic novel The Lost World.

14 September, 2017

Flashback. The Royal Albert Hall

It's great to see memories of our Great Uncle popping up. We love The Royal Albert Hall's newsletter this week. Their flashback to 'This week in 1901: the Hall hosts the World’s first bodybuilding contest.'

8 September, 2017

My Dear Watson

We recently received a whole parcel of 'My Dear Watson' memorabilia from playwright and composer Jami-Leigh Bartschi with a wonderfully heartfelt note of gratitude.

22 August, 2017

Saving Lives

The Conan Doyle Estate has been following the journey of Philip Abbott as he raises awareness of Arthur Conan Doyle in his campaign for Body Armour. Philip was in touch with us in March this year to gain access to some images to add to his exhibition for which he very kindly credits the Conan Doyle Estate. Philip has not only got the exhibition up and running and on tour with the help of a grant, he has also written a book 'Saving Lives'.

8 August, 2017

Edinburgh Festival 2017

Great to see Arthur Conan Doyle included in an all star line-up for the Edinburgh Fringe Festival. Ann Treherne presents 'Arthur Conan Doyle - The Spiritualist' over a series of five talks hosted at The Arthur Conan Doyle Centre, Edinburgh.

7 August, 2017

My Dear Watson, It's a Wrap!

As the curtain goes down and the reviews come in, The Conan Doyle Estate is proud to reveal the success of MY DEAR WATSON a Sherlock Holmes musical, which took a starring role in the 2017 New York Musical Festival. The production was funded in part by The Conan Doyle Estate. Conan Doyle Estate director, Richard Doyle, says of the collaboration, "The Conan Doyle Estate's main aim is to have the voice of Sir Arthur Conan Doyle heard by modern audiences. I am sure my great uncle would have been delighted that his family, through the Conan Doyle Estate, is supporting My Dear Watson. His passion for innovation and the arts is beautifully represented by Jami-Leigh Bartschi."

24 July, 2017

Conan Doyle Events at Undershaw

Undershaw is the former home of Sir Arthur Conan Doyle, the creator of one of the World's best known fictional characters Sherlock Holmes. He bought the land and helped to design a house to meet the needs of his sick wife. It is now an independent special school with charitable status.

30 June, 2017

Vice Press Presents: Sir Arthur Conan Doyle's The Lost World by Matt Ferguson

Vice Press and Matt Ferguson are honoured to have worked with the Conan Doyle Estate to release a very limited edition screen print for Sir Arthur Conan Doyle's classic novel The Lost World!

29 June, 2017

Will Ferrell on new film The House, playing Sherlock Holmes and Saturday Night Live

The actor stars with former 'SNL' mate Amy Poehler in 'The House' as a husband and wife who open an underground casino in their neighbour's home to pay for their daughter's college fees.

28 June, 2017

Arthur Conan Doyle Lecture Series

The Stepping Stones school, as the new custodian of Undershaw, is launching a year long series of lectures and events to celebrate the history and heritage of Sir Arthur Conan Doyle, Undershaw and the great detective Sherlock Holmes.

19 June, 2017

Conan Doyle Estate Backs NYMF's New Sherlock Holmes Musical MY DEAR WATSON

MY DEAR WATSON, a Sherlock Holmes musical, is an official selection of the 2017 New York Musical Festival. The production will be funded in part by The Conan Doyle Estate, the family estate of Sir Arthur Conan Doyle, who wrote the Sherlock Holmes stories from 1887 to 1927.

15 June, 2017

Every Clue Counts. Sir Arthur Conan Doyle Tribute

The Conan Doyle Estate finds great pleasure in seeing the effort & endeavour inspired by the works of Conan Doyle. Here is part of a correspondence between Bryan Andress, a special education teacher working at Downes Elementary in Newark, DE and Richard Pooley, Director of the Conan Doyle Estate and Arthur Conan Doyle's step great-grandson.

12 June, 2017

Arthur Conan Doyle, the Photographer

What came before Dr. Watson and Sherlock Holmes? Discover the world-famous writer's passion for large format photography.

9 June, 2017

A Study in Scarlet features in Wall Street Journal's "Five Best" series

The weekend Wall Street Journal's splendid Review section carries as part of its book reviews a "Five Best" series, in which a writer, on a literary theme of his or her choice, picks and discusses five books he or she feels significant. This weekend it was Anthony Horowitz, the literary theme he chose was Revenge, and one of the five books he discusses is A Study in Scarlet.

6 June, 2017

Ledbury youngster cross-examines top author

A LEDBURY youngster will never forget his visit to this years' Hay Festival, because he got to interview one of his favourite authors on the big stage.

5 June, 2017

Sherlock Holmes arrives Down Under

If you've ever fancied yourself a daring detective or super sleuth, it's time to put yourself to the test, as The International Exhibition of Sherlock Holmes comes to Sydney.

2 June, 2017

Foyle's War creator will take you on a mind-bending thriller

Mindgame - A mind-bending psychological thriller from the pen of Anthony Horowitz - creator of Foyles War - comes to Preston Guild Hall on June 19 - 21.

1 June, 2017

Why Cultural Appropriation" is such a Stupid & Dangerous Notion

Richard Pooley, is one of the Conan Doyle Estate's directors, Arthur Conan Doyle's Step Great Grandson and a journalist in his own right. He gives some thought to the term "cultural appropriation" and its censorious proponents.

9 May, 2017

J.M. Barrie’s Literary All-Star Cricket Team

J.M. Barrie, author of Peter Pan decided to form an amateur cricket team, and recruited many of his famous friends to join him, including Arthur Conan Doyle!

26 April, 2017

My Dear Watson Receives backing from the Conan Doyle Estate

My Dear Watson, a Sherlock Holmes musical written by Orlando area composer Jami-Leigh Bartschi, has been named an official selection of the 2017 New York Musical Festival and will make its New York City debut in July.

11 April, 2017

Sir Arthur Conan Doyle’s 14-bed Victorian home transformed into a school

THE FORMER home of Sherlock Holmes creator Sir Arthur Conan Doyle has been given a new lease of life as a school for the disabled.

5 March, 2017

Sherlock’s Very Dear Stalker

You would think that creating Sherlock Holmes would be legacy enough, but the heirs of Sir Arthur Conan Doyle are keen to remind us that...

2 February, 2017

Finnish-American Snapper Films Unveils ‘Sherlock North’

TV series is based on Sir Arthur Conan Doyle’s characters, authorised by the Conan Doyle Estate.

3 January, 2017

Benedict Cumberbatch is Related to Sir Arthur Conan Doyle

Turns out Sherlock star Benedict Cumberbatch is related to a lot of famous Englishmen...

31 December, 2016

Arthur Conan Doyle revealed: 5 things you didn’t know about Sherlock Holmes’s creator

Sherlock returns to our screens on New Year’s Day. We found out a few things you might not have known about the man behind the iconic character.

15 November, 2016

Will Ferrell's Holmes and Watson adds Lauren Lapkus

We learned back in August that Will Ferrell and John C. Reilly had finally found the movie to bring their comedy partnership back to the big screen in Sherlock Holmes-based comedy knockabout Holmes And Watson. The film has just added the first new cast member, with Jurassic World's Lauren Lapkus aboard.

28 July, 2016

Sir Arthur Conan Doyle’s campaign for better armour on the Western Front

Sir Arthur Conan Doyle is best known as the creator of the great detective Sherlock Holmes, although he received his knighthood not for his contribution to English literature, but for defending Britain’s conduct of the Boer War (1899-1902).

5 July, 2016

There’s a new mystery to solve at the Pacific Science Center’s Sherlock Holmes exhibit

Pacific Science Center is bringing the world of Sherlock Holmes to life with its new exhibit, The International Exhibition of Sherlock Holmes, which is in Seattle through Jan. 8.


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