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Arthur Conan Doyle's Original Characters

Here are just some of Arthur Conan Doyle’s fictional characters. You’ll find characters with international cult status and others which are just waiting for their potential to be developed and fulfilled. Explore our growing Character Collection for inspiration and an expansive range of Conan Doyle original creations.

Dr Watson

Dr. John Watson is a surgeon in the British army while it is at war in Afghanistan in the late 1870s.


Professor Challenger

His appearance made me gasp. I was prepared for something strange, but not for so overpowering a personality as this.


Mycroft Holmes

The older brother of Sherlock Holmes by 7 years. Described by Conan Doyle in "The Adventure of the Bruce-Partington Plans" as "Heavily built and massive".


Mrs Hudson

There is very little mention of Mrs. Hudson's background or even her physical appearance in the original stories written by Conan Doyle.


Brigadier Gerard

Brigadier Etienne Gerard was a heroic hussar in Napoleon's army. Boastful yet brave, he somehow survives being sent on any number of dangerous missions.


Colonel Sebastian Moran

Colonel Sebastian Moran is the right-hand man of Professor Moriarty and labelled by Holmes as "the second most dangerous man in London".


Sir Nigel

Sir Nigel is a knight in the service of King Edward III in the first phase of the Hundred Years War. His character is based on the historical knight Neil Loring.


Rodney Stone

A few years before the Battle of Trafalgar, Rodney Stone moves as a teenager from his village home in Sussex to live in London with his rich uncle, Sir Charles Tregellis, a famous dandy who introduces the lad to boxing and gambling.


Captain Sharkey

Pirate Jack Sharkey, a wanted man, a rogue and a miscreant. He is first introduced in "The Governor of St. Kitts" as a master of disguise and deception.


The Character Collection

For greater insight into Conan Doyle's characters explore our Character Collection which has been penned by interesting names nominated by The Conan Doyle Estate who share similar professions or traits to the characters themselves.


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