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The Adventurer

Meet The ManBehind The Journey

A fearless global traveller

Meet The Man

The Author

Meet The ManBehind The Pen

Some would say the greatest storyteller of all time

Meet The Man

The Campaigner

Meet The ManBehind The Voice

Working for the rights of others

Meet The Man

The Knight

Meet The ManBehind The Title

A modest man, the reluctant Sir

Meet The Man

The Physician

Meet The ManBehind The Doctor

A title valued most highly above all others

Meet The Man

The Spiritualist

Meet The ManBehind The Belief

A sincere and unshakable conviction

Meet The Man

The Sportsman

Meet The ManBehind The Action

An inexhaustible zest for life and action

Meet The Man


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The Estate

Meet The Family Who Are We?

Relations of Sir Arthur, by marriage or blood.

Meet The Estate

“I shall never see his like again. Truly a great gentleman”

Horace Annesley Vachell

“Immensely powerful in build, and the keenest of sportsmen”

P. G. Wodehouse, 1903

“I was already one of his fascinated readers”

Sir Winston Churchill, 1949

The Brand

Continuing His Work

We actively seek the new, the daring and exciting.

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An Authority of Experts

A Global Network

Specialist knowledge on Conan Doyle and his characters.

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Things are on the move


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