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Baskerville Productions
22 June, 2022

Baskerville Productions

One of our latest licences is with Baskerville Productions for a fantastic 1000 piece puzzle and fascinating tabletop game. 

Both games are great fun and are sure to challenge you! The games carry the marque of The Conan Doyle Estate to authenticate both products. 

We’ve greatly enjoyed working on this project!

The Original Sherlock Holmes and his Baker Street Irregulars Tabletop Game 

Dive into the world of Sherlock Holmes in this easy-to-learn, quick-to-play, competitive, currency-based, card-drafting game. 

You'll encounter people, places and things featured throughout the 60 stories penned by Sir Arthur Conan Doyle (produced by permission of Conan Doyle Estate, Ltd.). 

With the Baker Street Irregulars (BSI) at your disposal, visit locations, gather witnesses, and inspect artefacts in order to make the key arrests. 

Manage your BSI wisely to earn end-of-round bonuses to improve your chances of victory. 

Compete against other inspectors (up to 5 players) to earn the most "reputation" (victory points) and establish yourself as a rival to the Master Detective. (Or jump into solo-mode where you take on Sherlock 1-on-1!)

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Piecing Together the Canon Puzzle 

This 20"x29" jigsaw puzzle features artwork on BOTH sides, for an extra challenge! One side showcases 60 unique artefacts from the 60 Holmes cases scattered about the illustration. The other side is a collage of 60 original illustrations, one from each story, in a grid. The border colours are specifically chosen to represent the colours found on the Master Detective's dressing gown - blue, purple and mouse (officially adopted as the colours of the Baker Street Irregulars in 1950).

For an added challenge, the top and bottom borders of both sides contain the same black background and white text, leading to you needing to both "see and observe" as you determine to which side each puzzle piece belongs. Solution hint: It may be easier to work the puzzle from the inside out

Purchase Here 

Baskerville Productions

Other News

6 October, 2022

Arthur Conan Doyle Universe TV Series In Works At Imagine Kids + Family Based On The Improbable Tales Of Baskerville Hall

In a highly competitive situation, Imagine Kids+Family has landed the filmed content rights to Ali Standish's upcoming multi-book series The Improbable Tales of Baskerville Hall, which tracks the imagined origins story of Sir Arthur Conan Doyle's fictional characters, for development as a TV series that builds an integrated Arthur Conan Doyle universe spanning all his works.

26 July, 2022

Universal Studios Japan X The Conan Doyle Estate

The Conan Doyle Estate is delighted to be collaborating with Universal Studios Japan for the second year running.

14 June, 2022

The Sherlock Holmes Experience at Knockhatch Adventure Park

One of our latest licenses is with the wonderful Knockhatch Adventure Park in East Sussex - who have launched an immersive Sherlock Holmes experience.


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