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Every Clue Counts. Sir Arthur Conan Doyle Tribute
15 June, 2017

Every Clue Counts. Sir Arthur Conan Doyle Tribute

Bryan Andress, Downes Elementary in Newark, DE

"My class of 5th grade students and I have been working to create our very own Sherlock Holmes themed chapter book titled Every Clue Counts. We are hoping to publish our book through Barnes and Noble very soon.

Our story is written from the perspective of a 5th grade version of Sherlock Holmes. The setting of our story is modern day London. The story includes four side characters who are eleven year old girls. The girls work with Sherlock Holmes to solve mysteries. The story also includes characters who mirror the classic characters from the original Sherlock Holmes series. My overall goal was to bring back the excellent mysteries of Sherlock Holmes in a story that all children could enjoy. My class and myself have been inspired by the great works of Sir Arthur Conan Doyle.

We have tried our very best to honour him my taking great care to honour the legacy of Sherlock Holmes throughout the writing of our book. A few of the chapters were inspired by the original Sherlock stories. During the month of May, I am hoping to hold a book release party with students, parents, and our school administration. At this book release party we hope to showcase our student created documentary of our project which includes research we have done about Sir Arthur Conan Doyle, and how Sir Arthur's written works have inspired the creation of our book. This project has been a labor of love and my students have worked very hard."

Richard Pooley, Arthur Conan Doyle's step-great grandson

"I am one of the three directors of the Conan Doyle Estate. Our US agent, David Reeder, has sent me the first part of Every Clue Counts and asked me if we could send you something which acknowledges the splendid creative efforts of your 5th grade students. I'm happy to do so:

My step-grandmother, Jean, was Sir Arthur Conan Doyle's youngest child. As a child myself I used to listen to her telling me how her father would sometimes come down to breakfast and ask her to help him solve a problem he was having with a story he was writing. The last twelve Sherlock Holmes stories were written between 1921, when Jean was only seven years old, and 1927. So, those must have been the stories that she used to discuss with him. Imagine that: being asked to help the creator of the great detective write those stories about him!

Well, you don't have to imagine, do you? Because that is what you have done. I am quite sure Sir Arthur would have loved to have read Every Clue Counts. You and your teacher, Bryan Andress, have obviously put in a lot of work and you are all to be congratulated."

In honor of the 5th grade class of Downes Elementary Room 210.

Bryan Andress from Downes Elementary in Newark, DE & Richard Pooley (Step-Great-Grandson to Sir Arthur Conan Doyle)

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