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Time for a Tartan Update
17 October, 2019

Time for a Tartan Update

It's a busy time for Sherlock Holmes Tartan. We caught up with designer Tania Henzell to see just how fast that tartan is flying off the shelves under the licence of the Conan Doyle Estate. 

We're thrilled to see so many new products and so much attention for the tartan - especially as the temperature starts to drop - the perfect time to be reaching for something beautiful, Scottish and artisanal. 

Tania is designer and producer of Sherlock Holmes Tartan. Tania is the step-great-great-granddaughter of Sir Arthur Conan Doyle hence the name of this unique tartan. 

Tania on new products

As demand increases - we've been working hard to get our new items in our shop in time for Christmas. Some of my favourite items are our soft and cosy lambswool scarves, ever practical hip flasks, beautiful tartan rose brooches and our best selling kilts!  

On those kilts...Stand to attention! 

I'm really proud that the Sherlock Holmes Kilt will be worn by Louise Marshall a true Scottish piper for the Children's Parliament March down the Royal Mile in Edinburgh on Wednesday 6th November! Louise is a well known piper nationally and internationally, piping with her father's bagpipes - you can also sometimes catch her piping in the cruise liners as they dock into Leith. 

On the launch of Bonnie MacBird's new book

I have just been to London for the launch of Bonnie MacBird's third Sherlock Adventure book 'Devil's Due' which I am halfway through and it is a great read!  

On Global Tartan Travels

I was in New York City in January for the Baker Street Irregulars celebration of Sherlock Holmes' birthday! I'm really looking to getting back to New York for the celebrations in January 2020 - a great chance to get addicted to Sherlock Holmes Tartan! I was also at the Sherlock Holmes Exhibition earlier this year in New Jersey where I was interviewed for the American press. 

Watch Out for...

Sherlock Holmes Tartan is in Scottish Field magazine for the November/December Christmas issue - don't miss it!

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Other News

4 August, 2020

It's Elementary

We are so delighted to be a part of this incredibly special launch with Royal Mail. As you may know Arthur was a prolific writer of letters and we know he would give his tremendous approval of these beautiful stamps.

29 July, 2020

Moorland Matters

We enjoyed Mark Griffiths' Country Life article 'Unleashed, mad and dangerous' How Britain's wild, romantic moorland is our signature habitat, inspiring everything from Beowulf to The Hound of the Baskervilles.

17 July, 2020

Fantasy Dinner

We love this article from the FT's personal finance editor - Claer Barrett. It's her fantasy dinner with the chef, guests, dishes, drinks and location for her ultimate supper. We're delighted that our man Arthur Conan Doyle is pride of place at the table. Here's a look at why she chose Arthur.


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